Best Business Card,Digital Card,Need for a digital business card in 2020

Best Business Card,Digital Card,Need for a digital business card in 2020

Business digital cards( are like sticky notes for the corporate and professional world. A digital business card presents you with a bold way to share your business details.

However, paper business cards have been approximately for some ages now; since the 17th century to be exact.

The trade of these little paper critters is typical when engaging with people for the first time and introducing your business to them.

Card Digital

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Although paper digital cards are great and have endured without any question for the test of the time being, in this digital age, they don’t flatter peer to peer or young generations to interact more productively.

According to several surveys, we have come to the fact that 88% of digital business cards given out will be thrown to the bin in less than a week.

And 63% of mortal souls throw them away because they don’t need your service now, not to mention all the trees that have sacrificed their lives for this sheer give and take process.

So, the digital business card comes into action where it shows all of your details regarding you and your company in a single, convenient location.


Along with a name, designation, and contacts, you can enhance your card with interactive elements, such as links to Whatsapp and other social media channels.

One-click sharable digital design to grow your business. Unlike its paper prototype on an electronic interface, an electronic digital business card allows you to reach out to a broader audience base.

It’s like – Hand over the link to someone you meet, and you’re more likely to continue the conversation later for sure. 

Here are the key advantages of a digital card piece:

Ease of use digital card.

 You don’t have to design a layout and print your design. Many online services offer a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use templates.

Every time you need to update your card, instead of reprinting the entire batch, you can edit your required section of information.

 Saves you time and money by using digital card.

Save money and skip the trouble of designing and placing orders for paper business digital cards and create branded electronic business cards for yourself and for your every employee.

Target leads more efficiently.

Whenever you shake a hand, your digital business card is working for you by casting your service whom you met, where the customer can visit you, and a piece of contact information to remember them by.

Share details
Share details


A digital business card will plainly distinguish your brand from the rest.

If your business has activities involved with advanced technologies, digital business cards are an absolute must for your company. 

“If you’re looking for an innovative way to make long-lasting first impressions, market your brand, and follow up with people, then Cardzilla’s digital business cards are the perfect solution for you.”

How does your digital business card work?

1. Sign Up

Visit the website and create your free account.

2.Choose Your Card

Select template and submit images, custom colours, social media, web URLs, and more.

3.Share Your Card

Share your digital business card with anyone who wants or wishes to have your service shortly.


Easily follow-up with people you meet through direct calls, text and location integrations.

When picking between digital and paper business cards, analyze the needs of your target customers and different ways of interacting with them.

If offline meetings offer a primary part of your marketing strategy, you can’t go without traditional paper printed cards.

Business Visiting Card
Digital Business Card

However, if you have an online-focused business, you should opt-in for electronic designs. Ideally, you should try both options and see which one fits your Business style and delivers the best results to generate leads.

At the end of the day, the shortest route to your customers is through their mobile phones.

Here, we solve your modern problem with our modern solution – Go Digital and Go Paperless.

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