Putrajaya, Malaysia Best Place Visit In 2020.
Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Putrajaya, Malaysia Best Place Visit In 2020.

Putrajaya is not the first location that comes to your mind when you plan to visit Malaysia. Still, boy, it’s an impressive one! Following Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, Putrajaya is the third federal territory of Malaysia.

It has also been the administrative capital of the Federal Government since 1999.
Are you planning to visit out of country Putrajaya, Malaysia?

putrajaya malaysia
Putrajaya, Malaysia.

How did Putrajaya come into existence? 

Putrajaya is a planned city as well as adjacent city Cyberjaya, which was once under the control of the Hulu Langat (Kajang) district until 1975.

It was in the 1980s, during the regime of the 4th prime minister of Malaysia Mahathir bin Mohamad the vision of replacing the administrative capital brought it to the table.

The new federal capital planned to be larger than the previous ones. It is between Kuala Lumpur and the KLIA( Kuala Lumpur International Airport). Two areas proposed for this site whose name decided to be Putrajaya.

One was Prang Besar, and the other was Jardik Baik of Pahang. In the mid-1990s, a hefty amount was paid to Selangor State while purchasing the area, which spreads across 11,320 acres ( 45.8 sq.km).

This is one of the most expensive project in Malaysia’s .

This construction of these projects started in August 1995, and it is Malaysia’s most significant project and one of the biggest projects in South-Asia with an estimated cost of US$8.1 billion.

And for the matter of fact, only 10% of the materials were imported for the project. The rest requirements were designed and constructed in Malaysia. In 1999, 300 members of the federal government moved to Putrajaya and remaining joined in 2005.

Putrajaya was declared as the national territory by Prime Minister Mahathir on 1st February 2001, by which the Putrajaya City was relinquished to Federal Government from the Selangor state authorities.

As of today, almost all government ministries are shifted to Putrajaya. They continue working towards the betterment of the country.

The Best 6 things to do in Putrajaya, Malaysia?

What makes Putrajaya a mesmerizing city?

The city is full of excellent wide avenues, government superstructures, breathtaking bridges, and abundant greenery to refresh your mind. But that’s not it, this city of Putrajaya – intelligent garden city is home to many other wonders which add to the glory of this city.

The city is full of monuments whose architecture depicts a perfect mixture of modern ideas and Islamic Culture. The vision of creating the garden city and the smart city has come to a fruitful end and serves Justice. One will be dazzled by the creative impression this city maps on one’s mind. The planning of this city leaves us dumbstruck.

putrajaya malaysia

The streets and avenues give out a European feel, Perfectly paved roads added with the exquisite government buildings amplify the beauty of the town.

And coming to the ample amount of greenery in the 38% of the area is covered with greenery, and it perfectly fits with the modernized buildings and keeps you baffled while touring this city. There are a lot of attractions which you can visit here, but some complexes remain closed for visitors.

Some of the Putrajaya Attractions are: 

  • Perdana Putra
  • Putra Mosque
  • Millennium Monument
  • Justice museum in the Palace of Justice
  • Moroccan Pavilion
  • Putrajaya Botanical Garden
  • Iron Mosque
  • Putrajaya Equestrian Park
  • District 21 Adventure Park
  • Mercu Tanda

For the people coming from the KLIA, it will only take minutes to reach this place.

 The astounding bridges reflect the progress of the state from a barren sand land to this garden city of Malaysia. The commercial,administrative, and residentiary areas are divided into precincts.

The precincts union with each other coherently. A canal cuts through the city, joining the large lake. During the night, one can experience the alluring lights of the city and relax amid this greenscape of the modern world.  

Putrajaya is rightly an intelligent and garden city located near Kuala Lumpur. If one needs to see an honestly planned city, it never gets better than Putrajaya. 
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