Home selling guide in 2020 –  A 13 step toolkit.
Home selling guide

Home selling guide in 2020 – A 13 step toolkit.

Are you planning to sell your home in 2020? Home selling guide in 2020, Here are 13 step checklist which is something that will help you to boost your chances of selling your home at a quicker pace. This a list of things you should keep in mind while selling your home.

If you want to sell your dwelling, here is how you should approach selling. There are some clear as bell steps that you should keep in mind while listing your home on online portals and also when giving it out to a real estate agent. Here are some of them which many people overlook.

Do your research before try to sell your home?

You will have to research about the pricing of properties near you. Search for properties for sale who have similar features as your home. If possible, visit some properties to get an idea of the competition. The age of your apartment, perks like big balcony, high ceilings, and location of your home from public landmarks will help you gain more price for the house.

Home selling guide

Time your sales

Now before putting up the abode for purchase, realize that families won’t buy between academic years, and working people won’t buy a home and move between financial year. So keep factors such as where you live – nearby schools or colleges or commercial hubs. And put your sales according to during the year.

Time your sales

Neaten up.

Before listing the house, clean up the mess in the house, do a little dusting and cleaning, remove unnecessary things from home. It will help when a potential buyer visits the home. It also helps when moving out of the house after selling it. As most of the unwanted things are already packed. Remember, the presentation of the residence to the buyer matters a lot while selling.

Do the Fix.

If there is any maintenance work to be done in the house such as leaks and crack-filling or changing of lights or fixing a squeaky door, DO IT! No one likes a home where there are already issues present. Keep your home as clean as possible. This way, the buyer can picture his furniture and belongings into your home. Also, it will help you to move out of the house quickly as most unwanted stuff will be packed away while decluttering the house.

Home selling guide

Get your paperwork in order.

Check if you have all the necessary documents of the house available. If yes, keep them handy as they will be needed while selling. And If some reports are missing or expired, contact a lawyer and get those documents ready or updated. If taken a loan while buying a house, this will be an excellent time to get that paperwork done with the bank. It will cause a smooth transaction while selling, and no issues will occur from your side while selling the home.


Take everything into account.

If you are planning to move out of the house and sell it, but want to keep the old furniture like sofa, table, wardrobes, geysers, AC units, etc. there, mention them in the books. Take everything into account while finalizing the price; it can be negotiated later. Also, don’t overvalue them and increase the amount unconsciously.

Stage your home

Before putting your house up for sale, think of yourselves as a buyer and your home as a potential home. Visit each room as a buyer and fix anything which you think can be a dealbreaker. Get your home tidy and spotless before showing it to any buyer. 

Found a buyer?

Found a buyer already, think about moolah (money), discuss with the buyer if they will be taking a loan, and finalize the payment structure.

Know the additional charges

When selling a house, there are many things involved. The hidden expenses come in various ways, agent and lawyer fees, stamp duty charges, moving expenses, etc. are some of them. Before setting up the price for the home, consider all these factors. After summing up all the costs, decide on an amount, and see what money you will get in hand.

 Check for perks while selling your home.

As there will be many expenses, it is good to check if there are any tax benefits or perks which can be availed by you. You can get such advice from your accountant or bank.

Consult your lawyer.

Keep your lawyer with you during every step of the paperwork. It may look like worthless activity, but a lot of frauds take place in this industry, and to save yourselves, this practice is advisory. It can save you from unseen troubles.


Settle the bills.

Once you have found a good deal, it’s your responsibility to clear all the bills. The bills include electricity, water, maintenance. Also, it’s an excellent time to inform your insurance companies and other subscriptions about the address change.

Keep your document copy handy.

After selling the house, while packing and moving out, do not forget to keep a copy of all the documents with you. Even small receipts and inconsequential documents can come handy in the time of need.

home selling guide

So this was the checklist you need to sell your home in 2020. There may be many checklists available online on “how to sell your home?”, these were a concise overview of things you should keep in mind while selling your home in 2020. We hope you sell your home in a hassle-free way and get an excellent deal on your property if you find any things missing comment down and let us know.

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